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Top 5 Tips For A Glamour Inspired Bedroom

There are almost endless ways to decorate a bedroom but for those who want a top and trendy look that is above and beyond most others, a glamour inspired bedroom is full of charm and appeal. It is a room that speaks for itself and is one that is high on style. There five top tips to get that glamour look in a bedroom and when used together the room almost magically does transform in to one that is big on the glam factor.

The first tip is to think in terms of black and white as a base. This is because when the room has white walls and carpet with touches of black such as furniture, it sets the stage for a choice and glamorous look that is super easy to accentuate through the use of other colors. The base black and white theme can be a black and white printed throw rug or even a sleek and chic black ceiling fan or floor lamp. The key is to have those basic colors in place before going any further.

The second key to a glamour inspired room is lighting. This is key and for those who want the top choice for top glamour; a chandelier with tons of dangling crystals is the key as the light bounces and radiates off of those and gives the room that super trendy look it deserves.

The third tip is to pay attention to the bedding. The bed should have a comforter set that bold, vibrant and truly eye catching. This is where pops of great color come in to play and thus good choices are bright purples, pinks or perhaps even fuchsias as these are right in line with the glam look.

The fourth tip is to pay attention to windows and have bright and vibrant window dressings that pair well with the bedding. These tend to be sheer panels and very ornate curtains. One can go even further and have valences and tie backs with glamorous holders as well to really bring the bedroom all together.

The fifth tip is all about amazing and perfectly chosen accent items. These are those little decorative touches all throughout the bedroom that really deal the deal and make the room one that rivals any other glamour room. The right accent items include lamps that have great shades with perhaps some feathers or rhinestones, top end and great smelling candles. big bold vases filled with fresh flowers, art work on walls that have a glamour theme and even strands of tiny lights that adorn various areas of the room. A great chaise lounge in a shade or pink and a few throw pillows on the bed that have high style further add to the overall appeal of the room.

Making a bedroom glamorous is easy once you start thinking in glamorous terms and ways. This is because glam is all about frilly, fun, trendy and feminine things and when those pair together in a bedroom; one has a bedroom many only ever dream about.