Storage in Small Bathrooms

It’s common to have the issue of a small bathroom and I’m here to let you know it isn’t the end of the world. You can still make your bathroom space work, be pretty, and functional.  If you’re like many people and you’re short on storage in a small bathroom then I have some tips for you to access that hidden space we all need so
desperately. Do you have an unused corner in your bathroom? If so then you can fill it with a tall cabinet. Vertical space is where it’s at. Using efficient containers for the shelves is also a great idea rather than just using the shelves for single items. You can have it hold more this way. Plus if you have some
things you don’t want in eyesight then you can get a solid colored container to hide away any personal items. The open shelves can be used to keep toiletries on display and make them easy to grab for primping. Then if you get yourself some clear containers for things like cotton balls and q-tips, you can put on some stick on vinyl lettering and not only have a functional container but a pretty one as well. If you get a shelf with a low, closed door cubby then you can use that to store your warehouse or bulk items and hide those away from eyesight.

If you’re a regular person than you can’t deny that there are always supplies in the bathroom that regularly seem to go missing. If you have drawers in your bathroom vanity or on your tall shelf then dedicate one for those items that slip away unnoticed and end up somewhere random.
You can always use the drawer for things you use often also like hair brushes, combs, and clips. You can find some custom drawer pockets that slide together for a custom fit but you can find low clearance, plastic baskets to do the same job too. Drawer organizers are usually low cost as well. Put the space underneath the window to work by installing a row of hooks for drying towels. For a functional and eye pleasing project you can stich a loop of cotton or ribbon to each towel for easy hanging. Make sure the stich is strong so it doesn’t
rip off from the weight of the damp towel. Choose a vanity with open shelving that you can outfit with baskets for extra towels or toilet paper. One of the ideas I really love is this little one. Convert a petit bar cart into a beauty trolley that you can remove for more space or just move to wherever you need it to be. Shop for a cart that has multiple shelves so you can maximize on vertical storage capacity in your tight space. If you have a strong shower curtain rod you can find an interior shower curtain that has pockets in it to store anything you need while in the shower. Even if your bathroom is small, a few smart storage pieces will help maximize every inch and help you stay organized