Steps to Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure washing your house is a great way to help keep a nice and renewed feel to your home. Sometimes the exterior of your home needs that delicate touch to stand out better. Dirt and grim gets built into your home and it just makes the exterior look like it came out of a horror movie. While you shouldn’t pressure wash on a regular basis, set out a schedule to do it a few times out of the year. Depending on the construction and material on the outside, you can pressure wash more frequently. Here are some steps to help you pressure wash your house.

Materials Needed for the Job

Some of the materials you need include the following: garden hose, tarp for covering your plants and flowers, pressure washing wand, the house washing tip, and a black tip. Don’t forget a bleaching agent to spray down the house as well as a degreasing solution to scrub the gutters. If you have trouble scraping higher places, get a good extension brush to cover the rest of the territory. Pressure washing can be a heavy duty job. It’s important that you have the right equipment to make sure you clean everything thoroughly. Also, you want to make sure that you protect your plants, flowers, and any outside ornaments from getting wet or staining due to the intense pressure of the wash.

Take the Right Safety Precautions

Pressure washing can be very risky especially when you’re cleaning a deck or a roof. One of the first things you need are goggles. You’ll deal with some chemicals and you never know if things will get in your eye. You want to protect your face from anything that drops or spills. Additionally, you’ll need some sturdy boots with good grip so you can move around without slipping in the wet areas. Wear clothes that are comfortable and water proof. You shouldn’t mind getting a bit dirty during the cleaning.

Use Items That Take Special Care to Preserve Your Home and the Environment

There are other materials out there you can use to help make the job easier. For example, a good brightener can be used right before you pressure wash your deck. This way you won’t use as much water, which is better for the environment and saves you money. Additionally, it allows you to use less pressure which preserves the wood better. Always be careful with how often you pressure wash the home because too much can ruin the integrity of the wood structures of your home. Too much pressure has the tendency to rip right through and take out some of the white of your home. It could leave a  yellowish color. Also, you want to use more compounds that don’t damage the earth. Some of the washing and bleaching materials can cause severe damage to the soil and beneath.  Global warming is already an issue and this adds to the problem. With that being said, pick a clear day to help keep the exterior of your home looking crisp.