Simple Do-it-Yourself Tips to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal

Harsh seasonal weather plays havoc on your home’s curb appeal making it look worn out and shabby over time; and repainting your home’s exterior annually is simply an expense that most people just cannot afford. So, how can you keep your home looking attractive and maintained short of having your home repainted every year? Well even though you should try and have your home repainted every ten years or as you begin to see weathering issues, there are still some other less costly upkeep items that you can do to minimize the amount of wear and tear your home exudes.

Broken Windows and Screens

Broken windows are an item that should be replaced right away in order to maintain your home’s energy efficiency. However, torn screens are typically one of those areas that tend to be needlessly overlooked. This is probably one of the easiest home repairs that you can do yourself; the supplies are reasonably inexpensive, and the time it takes to complete this type of repair is minimal. And, the curb appeal return is substantial.

In addition to the actual process of fixing your screens being relatively cheap and easy, it can also make your home more energy efficient. Screening materials come in a variety of materials from pet resistant, to copper, to solar reflective. Using solar reflective screening helps keep the heat out in the summer time making your home stay cooler so that you don’t have to run artificially cooling methods as frequently.

Repair and Paint Trim

Even though you may not paint your whole home every year or two, it is worth the time and money to perform annual touch-ups of your home’s external trim. These areas are traditionally made from wood and get hit especially hard by weather and heat changes; generally making weathering and damage much more noticeable than the rest of the home’s painted or artificial siding areas. Keeping your trim work looking new with a little elbow grease and time will help extend the amount of time between painting the full house while also saving you in trim replacements due to dry rot in the long term.

Fix Downspouts

Down spouts get a lot of rough handling from being bumped and shifted to having to control gallons of rushing water and debris. All of this harsh treatment makes them leak, crack, and dislodge over time giving them a shabby look that detracts from your home’s esthetics.

Repairing your downspouts is relatively inexpensive, and can save you a bundle in expensive gutter replacements and foundation repairs while it brings back your home’s original beauty. One way to minimize downspout damage is by routinely cleaning out rain gutters to lessen the amount of stress caused to your downspouts by debris being forced through the openings.

Your home’s curb appeal is a huge part of its value and resale ability, so don’t wait until you want to move to keep it in the best shape possible. Staying on top of minor repairs will keep your home looking beautiful and save you in repair cost when it comes time to sell.