Removing Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

There’s nothing like having an annoying coffee stain on your carpet. From darker to lighter tones, it can really seep in the fibers of your floor. If you don’t catch it in time, it can leave a permanent reminder that breakfast time was much more than your typical eggs and bacon. However, it’s not hard to remove the coffee with the right materials. Here’s how you can remove coffee stains from your carpet.

Get A White Absorbent Towel to Clean the Mess

One of the first things you need is a clean and white towel to help get the stain out. You’re going to do a process of blotting, which is a dabbing kind of motion to help transfer as much of the coffee on the surface of the towel. Move along by not blotting the same place over and over. Use the top edge of the towel so that you can get as much surface as possible. You want to hit each fiber with a clean section of the towel. Since spills typically go all over the place, it’s very important to have a big towel to absorb everything. Keep doing this until you see your towel absorb most of the stain. Then you can begin the process of adding a detergent to the mix.

Use a Specific Detergent for Your Carpet

Each detergent has a specific purpose. In this case, make sure the detergent is specially made to treat your carpet and rug. Repeat the process of blotting with a clean and white towel. The key is working on the outside or working across in a row kind of manner. This way you can absorb as much of the stain as possible. Also, you’ll make sure that you don’t get any dye on the carpet because the white towel is a good blank surface solely used to absorb any stains.

Use a Spoon to Help Dress Up the Loops

Take your spoon and use the rounded edge to dress the loops by going in between each row and pressing them to make them stand. Find the way to make this the easiest. You want to really get everything set up well after you’ve used the detergent. Think of carpet fibers like your own hair. After you’ve washed and conditioned it, you need to brush it or comb it to make everything fall in place. You’ll use the spoon to hep your carpet dry in an upright position. For the finishing touch, you can actually leave a fresh white towel on the spot and place a heavy book on top. Let it dry for 12 to 24 hours in order to get some of the last remains onto the towel. If you still see a line or something, hire a professional cleaner to get a browner to get rid of the rest of the coffee color. A coffee stain can be a nuisance on any carpet. However, these careful steps and tools will help ensure that you get the stain out as quickly as possible.