Keeping Up With Your Weekly House Cleaning Tasks

Taking care of a home is not just about the people who live in, but the things you use everyday. It’s very easy for things to get cluttered when you don’t put them away. It really messes with the décor of the home. That’s why it’s important to allot time to keep things straight in the home. If you feel off track, you can start slow by setting a schedule for cleaning on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the amount of people living with you. Here’s how to keep up with your weekly cleaning tasks.

Removing Trash, Dusting, and Vacuuming

You got to start with the basics. First of all, you need to remove all the trash from your waste-bins and put it in your local trash can or you can get a trash collector dump it weekly.  Additionally, you want to clean out those trash bins if they still have debris or stains. Smells attract critters and you don’t want that happening in your home. Dust collects in the home so it’s important to dust all of the surfaces throughout the rooms. Since you’re already dusting the upholstery, you should take time to vacuum the rugs and carpets. You can use a carpet dedorizer to really give the rooms a fresh scent especially if you’re having people over later. If you notice any spot or stains, you can spot-clean or even use a wet vac to steam your carpet.

Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

This is essential because one place you clean yourself and the other you make your food/clean food accessories. Take time to clean your bathroom mirrors with a good glass cleaning solution. Also, you should wash your toilet, the sink, and the shower. The tub can be filled with grime and hair. It’s important to have a good draining solution that’s not harmful for your skin and can get the gime out of your tub easily. You can spot-clean light switches, doors, and walls as well. When you start cleaning your kitchen, make sure you mop your floor to get stains out. You can clean your stove top off. This way you’ll have a clean kitchen and a fresh stove top where you can cook a good meal. A clean bathroom and kitchen brings a bit more peace to the home.

Clean Your Bedsheets

It’s important to clean your bedsheets every few weeks. Take your sheets off and spray some disinfectant on your mattress, futon, or any kind of surface you sleep on. Go ahead and put your sheets, your pillow cover, comforter all in the washing machine. Find a good setting for everything to dry and you’ll feel much more comfortable with fresh sheets for your sleep. These weekly or biweekly tasks will make it easier for you to keep track of cleaning your home. Your home is your temple that gives you a place where you can relieve yourself from the outside world. Keeping it clean makes for a clearer state of mind.