How to Remove Shoe Polish From Your Carpet

It’s tricky getting annoying stains like shoe polish off your carpet. These stains look very bad especially when you see the small spots while you have coko. Although there’s some inconvenience, it’s not impossible to remove it with the right solvent and a bit of elbow grease. There are a few methods to make this process easier so you don’t spend enormous amounts of money just to clean a few spots. Here are a few key strategies to help you remove shoe polish from the carpet.

First Make the Proper Blot

If you see a spot on the carpet, immediately go down and get a solvent cleaner (preferably from a local hardware store or a carpet place). Get a clean towel and apply the solvent to it. Just keep applying the solution as needed and press down gently to get the stain to lighten. You don’t want to press down on it because it may begin to smear which will make it seep deeper into the carpet. This will make the process much worse. Sometimes it can result in a permanent spot on the carpet. Use your towel as needed and lightly dab it.

Always Use a Clean Portion of the Towel

Remember, you want to go in a row so that you keep using parts of the towel that are clean. A row motion helps to  clear things out evenly. The process is a bit tedious, but it’s very effective in helping to remove spots in the most careful manner. You want to keep dabbing and using the solvent on the towel because spraying the spot directly will make it spread deeper into your carpet. The fibers of the carpet could dissolve making matters worse. You only use your solvent directly by hiring a professional who can clean and extract the marking.

Diluting the Solvent

Diluting your solvent helps add the finishing touch to the job. Do you have detergent lying around? Use that cleaner with a white absorbent towel to help blot things better. Use both hands to help scrape off the polish as you  work with a clean towel. You’ll still be working to get the polish off but you can see the spot lightening up. With the absorbent and the detergent working together, it makes the process much easier. You’ll find that you get more successful results as you spend time going through the blotting step. Even your tablespoon (yes, the one you use to scoop pudding) helps in getting the cleaned area back to its original standing. Shoe polish stains can get very annoying when left untreated. Patience is the key to success if you don’t have the money to hire a professional cleaner for polish removal. You just want to make sure you get on top of things early to prevent a permanent mark or smear from showing up in the carpet. Use the right solvent, detergent and clean towel to help get the shoe polish out of your carpet.