How to Install Your New Toilet

You can always hire a professional to replace your toilet, but that kind of takes the fun out of things. After you’ve removed the old toilet, it’s now time to put in a new throne for your bathroom. It’s one of those things to take pride in as you have a new thinking seat ready to be installed in your home. Here’s a small guide on how you can install a new toilet in your bathroom.

Cleaning Up the Wax

Do you still have some of the wax left from removing the toilet? Well, here you want to clean this area up a bit so it can get ready for the new toilet. Clean up the wax off of the flange (it’s the part that holds the toilet to the floor). From that point, you’ll use a scraper knife and get the wax all cleaned up. Get a new wax ring and make a good measurement to the wall so you can put the brass bolts in place and set the new toilet. Make sure it sits firmly on the ground. Be cautious as to not inhale any emitting gases as you work. Put down some toilet paper in the closet area to keep the fumes from rising. If you find that the toilet is heavy, you can get few other hands to help you set it in place.

Connect to the Toilet Supply Hose

You can begin connecting things together now. Use mini channel locks and screw the flexible standstill suppliers to the water shutoff valve. In a right-tighty or clockwise motion, go ahead and actually connect it to the toilet. Go counterclockwise to turn on the water and open up the water to test it for leaks once the bowl is filled. This is a crucial step because you don’t want any initial water damage or spilling from a fresh installation.  At this point, you can use a caulk gun to squirt out some acrylic silicone caulk around the base. A good way to get everything out evenly is by using a sponge and pushing it in tight and dampening it. You can wipe it all at one once so that everything dries.

Installing the Seat Cover

Now to put the finishing touches on your installation. Take any kind of toilet seat and just find where it clicks and sets in place. Please make sure that you have a seat that fits your toilet. You can get a  recommendation at your local hardware store. Before you actually sit on the toilet, you need to make sure that everything is leveled. Sometimes you’ll work in an area where the floor itself is unleveled so having shims on hand certainly helps. Additionally, you want all the caulk to dry and get hard. Typically this takes 4 hours. It’s important you don’t sit down on the toilet before everything sets in. Installing a brand new toilet isn’t very hard and it can be quite rewarding. Just make sure to take these steps in order to properly get everything done within a reasonable time.