Having the Right Tools to Clean Your Carpet

For any major job that requires some hard work or repeated motion, you need the right tools to help you. If you are installing a light, you need the right screws, nails, and screwdrivers to help you put everything together. In the case of cleaning your carpet, you want to make sure you have good solvents, towels, detergent, and more to help you rid your carpet of permanent stains. Here’s a brief break down of how you can use certain tools to help you clean your carpet.

Set Up the Foundation with a White Absorbent Towel

This comes in handy especially when you catch a spill right away.  Sometimes that’s the only thing you need in order to get a spot removed. Simply press down and blot the area. This way the spot will transfer directly to the towel and it’ll be cleaned right away in the best case scenario. Another reason to use white is because the plain color provides a safe zone. You won’t have to worry about any other color bleeding into your carpet due to liquid. Use your flash light or a light on your cell phone screen so you can see the markings better on the carpet. This makes things much easier as you can see exactly what spot you’re cleaning on the surface.

Use a Tablespoon as Tool to Get Rid of Food

This is absolutely perfect for getting rid of food stuffs. For example, if you have something like a cracker or a cookie that happens to crumble on the carpet, you use the rounded edge of the spoon to gently scrape up anything that’s been dropped on it. Blotting is not always necessary to get things out of the carpet. You can just go scoop piece to piece in order to get the crumbs off your carpet. This saves a lot of time because blotting gets tedious with the row by row motion to avoid tarnishing your carpet. Keep this in mind for any crumbs that fall onto your carpet.

Getting the Right Detergent and Solvent for Your Carpet

It’s important to get good detergent for carpet and rugs. In the case of upholstery, be in the safe zone by using solvent specifically made for its type. Some detergents have optical brighteners which may damage your carpet through yellowing. You want to make sure that the detergent you use is the right fit. Brighteners can come back to haunt you later because you may spend a fortune to clean your expensive carpet after the yellowing happens. A good solvent is something you can get from a hardware store. It usually tells you what kind of stain it removes such as: shoe polish, tar, grease, oil, etc. In addition to using good detergent and solvent, you may want to get a magnifying glass. This way you’ll be able to see a close up of the stains on the carpet. Use these tools to your advantage to make carpet cleaning a simple task. You’ll thank yourself after the job’s done.