Energy Efficient Window Benefits

We all want to save money and we don’t always know where we are spending it all. We might know what bill it’s going on but not exactly the process that is causing that bill to cost as much as it does. You can budget and cut back on spending but maybe you don’t need to. It’s a scary thing but most people just can’t see that their hard earned money is literally going out the window. Your windows can have a pretty big impact on
your energy bills and I’m not just talking about having them open when the heat is on and it is cold out. If your windows are old and out of date, chances are they are drafty and letting your heat or air conditioning slip right through them even when they are closed. That means your energy bill is going to be higher than it should be. There are many other things you need to take into consideration as culprits of energy loss but today we are talking about your windows and how they can give you a false sense of security from intruders and high energy bills which can rob you just as well as a burglar can. It’s slow but painful and it is also common that you’re unaware of the environmental effect when this happens as well. Well I’m here to educate you on modern windows and the benefits of updating your windows to energy efficient windows. Plus if you’re in a pinch then I’ll tell you about another way that will help you keep more money in your pockets so you can save up for new windows.
First off, did you know that in the past few decades, windows have undergone a technological revolution and now having efficient windows can save you tons on your energy bills? That’s because energy efficient windows are draft free. Efficient windows help prevent heat loss in the winter and keep heat out in the summer. This means your heating and cooling systems will have to do less work and that saves on your energy bill which saves you money. In fact, an Energy Star labeled window can cut cooling costs by as much as 30% compared to older inefficient windows. That averages about $1,000.00 nation-
wide. Although you will get some money back over time on your energy bills you might not have the money for new windows right now. That is understandable since you’re paying extra on your heating and cooling costs. You might be able to get some energy efficient window film and try that out, which can help increase comfort and cut down on extra energy costs too. Also if you’re building or buying a new home, think about window placement. How much sun exposure do you want? Smartly placed windows can help, providing extra sunlight can cut your heating costs and avoiding direct sunlight can keep your cooling costs down. Choose based on the climate that you live in. Once you’ve taken some of this advice you’ll be able to peacefully enjoy the view and know that your windows are part of your energy and money saving solution.