Easy Bathroom Remodeling Hacks

Bathrooms can easily show the age of your home and not everyone has the money to go all out and completely renovate the main rooms in their homes let alone the bathroom or bathrooms. Working on your home can cost a lot more then you might think. If you have a handy man that’s great with carpentry and plumbing then you’re one of the lucky ones, but that won’t fix everything. You’ll still need to pay for the supplies. Most people have other things that need to be done first and they are trying to get to do those things they want to do
but just can’t seem to reach there yet financially. There are many different reasons why you can’t renovate your bathroom. Before you give up or let out a huff and say “I’ll never get that done”, there are a few easy fixes to quickly and affordably spruce up your space. You won’t need to tear down any walls or move any toilets, you don’t even need to update your shower or tub to
get that new space feeling. You can do this on a small budget so be sure to take note of all the ideas you like. Some of these hacks are really great though so if your bathroom is behind the times I suggest you try them out.

Here are our top tips for making over your bathroom without having to renovate. The first thing you should do is give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint. Brightening up the walls in a small space will make all the difference. Painting the ceiling white is a great idea because
it creates the illusion of height. Stick with eggshell or satin finishes on the walls because they are the easiest to clean and will hide any imperfection. Nothing ages a bathroom faster than out of date fixtures, swap out light fixtures and knobs to instantly give your room a facelift. Pop up a new shower
head and faucet to instantly add that renovated feeling to your old tub. As an added bonus, most new shower heads are energy efficient, saving you money every month. While you’re at it, it’s time for a new shower curtain. This large piece of fabric is the main focus of any bathroom, so it’s an
easy and quick way to make a big impact with your new style. You don’t want to go through all the pains of redoing your bathroom, just to end up with clutter hiding your masterpiece. Take advantage of tall storage units that can be tucked in a corner. Use them to store toiletries, hair appliances, anything you need. If you still need more storage, add some decorative bins or baskets. These are great options for holding extra rolls of toilet paper or extra rolls of towels. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you have to lose your style. Follow these simple tips to update your bathroom and you might just be able to create the space you’ve always dreamed of.