Don’t just Reassemble your Room – Redecorate

Why would you simply put everything back where it came from after you have gone to all of the hard work to paint your room? After painting is the perfect time to re-evaluate your room’s décor and make those subtle changes that you have been dying to make. Here are a few tips to make your redecorating efforts a success.

Start with a Thorough Cleaning

Before you begin to put everything back into its place, take the time to give the room and its contents a thorough cleaning. Room painting projects are the perfect time to vacuum and dust all of those hidden crevices that you cannot get to when the room is assembled.

Don’t just dust the obvious places though; make sure that you provide a comprehensive dusting of any item that will be placed back into the room. Doing so will assure that your room’s shiny new appearance is not dulled by drab and dirty furniture and decorative items.

Measure and Relocate

A lot of times a room’s shape or size tends to dictate the location of the furniture that it contains; which can become boring and outdated. Instead of rushing to get all of the contents replaced in your freshly painted room, take a few minutes to measure your space and your furniture to see if you have better placement options.

If the current furniture will only fit in a specific manner, consider other items throughout your home that might work well within this space. Sometimes you will find that you have items placed out of necessity rather than preference, and by taking the time to measure and explore your home you may find that there is a new arrangement that you like better.

Repair or Replace

Everyone has those broken pieces of furniture that are simply dealt with day in and day out. When reassembling your room after painting don’t just put them back where they originally were. While the paint cures, pull out those old tools and fix the item. If it is not repairable, it is time to throw it out and replace it with either an item from another room, or a new piece that fits your new décor.

Dry to the Touch Doesn’t mean Dry

Although your freshly painted room may feel dry after only a few hours, the paint will actually take 30 days to properly cure. That means that even though the paint is dry on the surface, it is still wet at the deeper layers and will not be as durable as it will once it has cured all of the way.

Keep this in mind as you place furniture and decorative items throughout the room to avoid damaging your fresh paint with scrapes, nicks, and indentions that will detract from the room’s newly painted appeal.

After painting a room is the ideal time to provide the space with a deep cleaning and updated décor. Take the time to explore your home for items that may fit better in another space, repair broken furniture, and rearrange your room to give it the updated clean finish that a newly painted room should have.