Do-it-Yourself Plumbing Repairs that will save you a Bundle

Plumbing repairs have to be some of the most expensive and inconvenient surprises a homeowner can have. However, if you know how to use a wrench and a screw driver you can save a fortune by doing basic repairs such as replacing a garbage disposal, repairing a leaking toilet, or installing a new faucet yourself.

Garbage Disposal Repairs and Replacement

Don’t call a plumber just because the old garbage disposal stops running; it could be something as simple as being jammed. If a jam occurs you should locate the garbage disposal tool that came with your disposal and locate the ratcheting mechanism on the underside of the disposal. That’s right the underside. Never stick hands, brooms, or any other type of tool inside the disposal to dislodge the mechanisms. A few simple turns of the disposal tool from the bottom are all it should take.

If this does not work, you may be in need of a new garbage disposal. There is still no need to call a plumber though. You will save hundreds of dollars by completing this repair yourself, and it can be done in about a half an hour. You will find a great selection of disposal units at your local home center ranging in price from around $70 and up that come complete with detailed instructions.

Leaking Toilets

Replacing your toilets mechanisms is probably one of the easiest money saving do-it-yourself plumbing repairs. Before you do this repair you will need to turn off the water intake valve located directly behind the toilet and completely empty the bowl and tank.
Parts are around $20 at your local home center and come with detailed instructions. The only tools needed are a wrench, pliers, and maybe a screwdriver.  If replacing the flap you will also want to replace the seal which will require a small amount of plumber’s putty.

In addition to saving you in repair costs by not having to call a plumber out, you can also install low-flow floats and flapper mechanisms into your current or older model toilet that will save you in water costs as well.

Faucet Installation

Installing a faucet takes a bit more skill than replacing the insides of a toilet or garbage disposal, but it is still something that most people can manage to do on their own. The easiest way to replace your current faucet with an upgrade is to select a new model that has the same mounting structure as your old faucet. To do this you will need to know the diameter of the wholes, and spacing measurements so that the new faucet will fit into place without having to drill any new holes in the sink and cabinetry.

Plumbing repairs do not have to be costly or time intensive if you are willing to take a little time to explore the home center, ask questions, and do the repairs yourself; doing even one of your own basic plumbing repairs will save you hundreds of dollars in expensive plumber house call charges.