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Easy Home Maintenance to Save you Costly Repairs

Spring and fall are the ideal times to add those semi-annual honey-do home maintenance items to your list in order to protect your home from elemental and environmental wear and tear that occurs throughout the year. Doing some simple maintenance such as cleaning out your rain gutters, repairing chipped caulking and paint, and reattaching loose trim or downspouts could easily save you thousands of dollars in extensive repairs caused by water damage, infestations, and mold or dry rot issues. Cleaning your Gutters Rain gutters are an area of the home that often gets overlooked when performing regular yard or home

Simple Do-it-Yourself Tips to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal

Harsh seasonal weather plays havoc on your home’s curb appeal making it look worn out and shabby over time; and repainting your home’s exterior annually is simply an expense that most people just cannot afford. So, how can you keep your home looking attractive and maintained short of having your home repainted every year? Well even though you should try and have your home repainted every ten years or as you begin to see weathering issues, there are still some other less costly upkeep items that you can do to minimize the amount of wear and tear your home exudes.

Do-it-Yourself Plumbing Repairs that will save you a Bundle

Plumbing repairs have to be some of the most expensive and inconvenient surprises a homeowner can have. However, if you know how to use a wrench and a screw driver you can save a fortune by doing basic repairs such as replacing a garbage disposal, repairing a leaking toilet, or installing a new faucet yourself. Garbage Disposal Repairs and Replacement Don’t call a plumber just because the old garbage disposal stops running; it could be something as simple as being jammed. If a jam occurs you should locate the garbage disposal tool that came with your disposal and locate the

Conserve Energy by Winterizing

With cold weather moving in, your energy bills may be at the forefront of your mind. All of those leaking single paned windows and doors may be costing you hundreds of dollars annually in lost heat as it escapes through cracks, crevices, and thin layers of poorly insulated glass. So what can you do to keep those dollars from figuratively flying out the window? Here are a few tips to get your money back into your pocket instead of the energy company’s bank account. Door Frames One place in the home that is infamous for letting heat out and cold

Weather-Stripping a Door

When you’re thinking about saving money on your house, the best thing you can do is ensure that it’s well insulated. If you live in a cold climate, you don’t want cold air coming in; if you live in a hotter climate, what you don’t want is for that hot humid air to enter. Either way, one of your best moves is to weather-strip your door. Preparing to weather-strip Joe Wise, owner of Buildwise construction in Orlando, Florida, provides a video that teaches homeowners how to weather-strip their doors. He’s chosen a high density foam with a peel-and-stick application (there’s