Author: Raul Malone

How to Install Your Crown Molding

Setting up the crown molding for your home gives it the right outline and look to your walls. You know how the right set of cufflinks or the perfect watch can really make your suit better? Well, the crown molding holds a sense of elegance right on top of  the wall where it joins the ceiling. Whether you install it yourself or have someone do the work for you, it really adds a nice touch to the overall motif of the room. Here’s a brief guide on how to set up your own crown molding. Mark the Wall to Find

Completing the Home Theater with Style

So you’ve picked out the size and type of television that you want in your home theater, now what? There are many aspects to creating your home theater that go beyond the screen, such as lighting, seating, ambience, and sound. Often people get so focused on making sure that they end up with the biggest screen possible for the least money or best surround sound available that they forget about the rest of the viewing environment. Here are a few tips to make your home theater the envy of the neighborhood. Seating Area There is nothing like sitting for hours

How to Winterize a Furnace and Water Heater

Winterizing your home is important to help keep the place running efficiently. You don’t want a water heater or electric heater using so much energy that it increases your bill during those dreadful months from January-March. The same thing could be said for using so much A/C during the summertime. Whether you have a furnace or a water heater that needs some repairs, it’s in your best interest to make the investment to save you time and money later. Here’s how to winterize your furnace and water heater.  Shutting Down Your Furnace Let’s say you have a boiler and you

How to Install Your New Toilet

You can always hire a professional to replace your toilet, but that kind of takes the fun out of things. After you’ve removed the old toilet, it’s now time to put in a new throne for your bathroom. It’s one of those things to take pride in as you have a new thinking seat ready to be installed in your home. Here’s a small guide on how you can install a new toilet in your bathroom. Cleaning Up the Wax Do you still have some of the wax left from removing the toilet? Well, here you want to clean this

Energy Saving Thermostats

Heating and cooling makes up almost half of your home’s energy consumption which does seem scary but it makes a lot of sense. There are different types of in home heating and cooling, from oil powered furnaces and electric heaters to heat pumps and window air conditioning units. Although their prices all differ in their main cost and continual cost, it still makes up a big part of your energy consumption. Being in your home should be relaxing so being comfortable in your home is a must, a lot of people go to work or go on vacations and don’t