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Simple Do-it-Yourself Tips to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal

Harsh seasonal weather plays havoc on your home’s curb appeal making it look worn out and shabby over time; and repainting your home’s exterior annually is simply an expense that most people just cannot afford. So, how can you keep your home looking attractive and maintained short of having your home repainted every year? Well even though you should try and have your home repainted every ten years or as you begin to see weathering issues, there are still some other less costly upkeep items that you can do to minimize the amount of wear and tear your home exudes.

How Do I Remove Gum From My Carpet?

If you have children, then you know what a mess they can make in your house. And possibly the worst possible thing to have get into your carpet is chewing-gum. But you don’t have to panic, says Christopher Meyers from Christopher’s in Merrifield, Virginia, who’s put together a step-by-step video to show you exactly how to remove the gum from your carpet. Getting started Meyers starts with a piece of well-chewed bubblegum on his demonstration carpet and pushes it in… grinding it slightly, the way it would happen if someone were to step on it. Sound familiar? Use a spoon


So many people try to fill in the cracks in their homes that might leak air and even replace old windows and weather stripping but usually what makes the most difference is a proper insulation installation. It’s one of the best ways to make sure you’re not wasting money on your energy bills. Making sure you have a properly insulated and sealed home can make all the difference when you’re working on your budget or even if you just want to make less of a mark on the environment. According to the environmental protection agency, typical homes have so many

Sealing Outlets, Saving Money

Outlets allow you to tap into electricity to power all the things one would need powered in or around their home but many people don’t think about the fact that they can also be one of the main places air can leak into your home. You spend all that time replacing windows so they are energy efficient, sealing up any cracks in the walls and replacing whether stripping around your doors. You even insulated you attic and any other place that seemed to let air through but you missed your outlets. Outlets can cause you to lose heat from your

Want to Winterize Your Bathroom? Here’s How!

A good homeowner takes care of their house all year long, with necessary routine maintenance and careful attention to potential problems. Winterizing a bathroom—or preparing it for a long absence—is an important consideration. Vince Clingenpeel knows a thing or two about taking care of your home. He started out as a bricklayer, later becoming a master carpenter and remodeling contractor who teaches adult education trade classes. Getting started Start over at the main water valve: you’ll want to begin by shutting it off. Very easy to do. But be aware that you’re draining the water above the valve; below it

Top 5 Tips For A Glamour Inspired Bedroom

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There are almost endless ways to decorate a bedroom but for those who want a top and trendy look that is above and beyond most others, a glamour inspired bedroom is full of charm and appeal. It is a room that speaks for itself and is one that is high on style. There five top tips to get that glamour look in a bedroom and when used together the room almost magically does transform in to one that is big on the glam factor. The first tip is to think in terms of black and white as a base. This

Taking the Right Steps to Sand Your Walls

Sanding is yet another important setup before you begin painting. After you’ve filled your walls up for cracks, marks, and holes, you can start sanding your wall. This will help you get a clean and smooth surface for your fresh coat of paint. It’s a necessary process to ensure that the paint goes on evenly so you get a nice and crispy job. The better you sand your wall, the easier it is to paint. There are a few key sanding tips that can help you get your wall ready for paint. We will talk about a few in a

Steps to Winterize Your Kitchen

Winterizing your kitchen is a whole other beast. However, the concept does remain the same when you have to drain things. You’ll be at your sink to drain all of the water out. The kitchen is the heart of your home because that’s where you store your food, clean your dishes, and make sure you have clean running water. It’s essential that you winterize this part of the house because winter time can lead to bad pipes or some corrosion due to the cold weather. Here are some steps to help you winterize your kitchen. Checking Your Pipes One of

Keeping Up With Your Weekly House Cleaning Tasks

Taking care of a home is not just about the people who live in, but the things you use everyday. It’s very easy for things to get cluttered when you don’t put them away. It really messes with the décor of the home. That’s why it’s important to allot time to keep things straight in the home. If you feel off track, you can start slow by setting a schedule for cleaning on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the amount of people living with you. Here’s how to keep up with your weekly cleaning tasks. Removing Trash, Dusting,

Priming Your Walls to Paint at Home

Setting primer down on the wall is like laying the foundation for your home. Without a good primer, it’s hard for the paint to stick to the wall. The process of priming is like an undercoat for your wall so that you can seal barewood stains and any areas that have been repaired. This makes it easier for the actual paint to stay on it. You can use different primers for a specific kind of wall. Here are some tips to help prime your wall for a better painting experience. Using a Latex-Based Primer There are different primers you can