Author: Kurt Weaver

How to Remove Shoe Polish From Your Carpet

It’s tricky getting annoying stains like shoe polish off your carpet. These stains look very bad especially when you see the small spots while you have coko. Although there’s some inconvenience, it’s not impossible to remove it with the right solvent and a bit of elbow grease. There are a few methods to make this process easier so you don’t spend enormous amounts of money just to clean a few spots. Here are a few key strategies to help you remove shoe polish from the carpet. First Make the Proper Blot If you see a spot on the carpet, immediately

Getting on Board With Your Annual Cleaning Tasks

When it comes to your home, cleanliness is the key.  You have your weekly cleaning tasks to keep a certain rhythm and motif going with the home. This is so you can have a regular cleaning regimen to keep your house organized. If you have pets or your home is susceptible to pests, then frequent cleaning is necessary. However, some tasks you’ll find that you only need to do once or twice a year; quarterly for certain obligations. We will show some of the tasks that need to be done once to a few times a year. Here’s how you

Conserve Energy by Winterizing

With cold weather moving in, your energy bills may be at the forefront of your mind. All of those leaking single paned windows and doors may be costing you hundreds of dollars annually in lost heat as it escapes through cracks, crevices, and thin layers of poorly insulated glass. So what can you do to keep those dollars from figuratively flying out the window? Here are a few tips to get your money back into your pocket instead of the energy company’s bank account. Door Frames One place in the home that is infamous for letting heat out and cold


Pathways are to find your gardens space and determine how people flow through your area so it’s very important to keep them well maintained. Winter is a good time to come in and add back to your garden pathways, your garden has finished being harvested for a while and the growing season is over.  With all the planting and grooming, growing and harvesting, your pathways seem to be a bit washed out from the solid ones you once had. If your garden pathways were made of wood chips you’ll notice that they tend break down over the season so is

3 Tips to make those Painting Projects look Professional

Painting is one of those home decorating projects that will either make or break a room. It is all the little details and imperfections that draw the eye and those are what professionals are excellent at hiding through expert technique. Here are three of those tips to help you make your next paint project look as though you hired a professional. Consider Painting the Ceiling Probably the most over looked space in any room when it comes to decorating is the ceiling. This neglected area plays a large part in keeping your home dry, warm, and safe, yet it is

Steps to Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure washing your house is a great way to help keep a nice and renewed feel to your home. Sometimes the exterior of your home needs that delicate touch to stand out better. Dirt and grim gets built into your home and it just makes the exterior look like it came out of a horror movie. While you shouldn’t pressure wash on a regular basis, set out a schedule to do it a few times out of the year. Depending on the construction and material on the outside, you can pressure wash more frequently. Here are some steps to help

Top 5 Tips For A Vintage Inspired Living Room

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Vintage inspired rooms in the home offer a unique charm and one-of-a-kind style. Vintage style interiors can feel wonderfully nostalgic and are timeless. Sometimes knowing where to start when decorating can be frustrating. If you search for vintage decorating items on the internet you will have thousands of search results appear. These five tips will help take out some of the guess work and have you well on your way to the beautiful vintage living room where you having been hosting tea at in your dreams. Hang A Pair of Lace Curtains There is no denying the charm that a