Author: Arthur Lopez

How to Patch Up Your Walls Before Painting

It’s important to patch your walls before you begin painting. This will help make the process much smoother when it comes to applying a particular material to the surface. After you’ve removed all of your items off the wall and covered your outlets, you can begin the process of filling. It’s a necessary step right before you start painting the wall. Here are some tips to patch your wall before your paint job. Starting the Fill Process After you’ve placed the blue painters tape over the trims, you can begin a process called filling. Filling is when you  apply a

How To Choose A Bed Bug Professional

How to Choose a Bed Bug Professional There are some pests that are very tough to control. Many people, as soon as they find out that they are having a pest problem in their home, they try all they could to get rid of them without having second thought about the cause and the effects. Bed bug is said to be one of the difficult pests to control in the world. The service of a professional bed bug killer is very essential in order to treat bed bug infestation. Bed bug is incredibly difficult to eradicate most especially if they

Want to Winterize the Outside of Your Home? Here’s How!

A lot of homeowners don’t know as much about caring for the outside of their homes as they should, particularly in adverse weather conditions. But Vince Clingenpeel has put together this video to show how to take care of the outside of your home, and in particular preparing it for the rigors of winter weather. Check it out The first thing that Clingenpeel recommends is that you take a walk around the house and take a thorough look at it. Pretend that it’s not a day-in, day-out familiar sight; look at the house as though you were seeing it for

Fight Back with Natural Mosquito Predators

Mosquitoes are one of nature’s most hardy and persistent creatures. They are capable of breeding hundreds of offspring in only an inch or so of water who will be feasting on you and breeding again in a matter of weeks. These pests are not only an annoyance; they also carry infectious diseases such as Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, and parasites. Knowing this, what can you do to minimize mosquito infestations and interference with your outdoor activities? Here are a few tips to get you started. Eliminate Breeding Grounds Since mosquitoes require water to breed, the best

Energy Efficient Window Benefits

We all want to save money and we don’t always know where we are spending it all. We might know what bill it’s going on but not exactly the process that is causing that bill to cost as much as it does. You can budget and cut back on spending but maybe you don’t need to. It’s a scary thing but most people just can’t see that their hard earned money is literally going out the window. Your windows can have a pretty big impact on your energy bills and I’m not just talking about having them open when the

How Do I Remove Wine From My Carpet ?

It’s happened to everybody at one time or another: you’re sitting in the living room drinking red wine, chatting, and suddenly somebody spills their wine. All over your beautiful carpet! You don’t have to panic, says Christopher Meyers from Christopher’s, Inc., in Merrifield, Virginia, who uses this video to demonstrate how wine can be cleaned from the carpet. He starts by pouring wine on the carpet for purposes of demonstration and showing how the wine has soaked right in. He notes that if the carpet had been treated with a fabric protector, the wine wouldn’t have set in quite as

How To Stake Perennials That Have Fallen In Your Garden

One of the many challenges gardeners face is the falling perennial. Perennials may topple over for various reasons leaving an often unsightly looking plant in your yard. While things such as inclement weather, weak stems, or stems on plants that have been over fertilized, can all contribute to the problem of your plants falling, the bigger challenge remains how to fix it and how to make your garden once again look fabulous. There are two types of staking that are common to most gardeners. There is preventative staking and remedial staking. Preventative staking has more to do with catching the

Storage in Small Bathrooms

It’s common to have the issue of a small bathroom and I’m here to let you know it isn’t the end of the world. You can still make your bathroom space work, be pretty, and functional.  If you’re like many people and you’re short on storage in a small bathroom then I have some tips for you to access that hidden space we all need so desperately. Do you have an unused corner in your bathroom? If so then you can fill it with a tall cabinet. Vertical space is where it’s at. Using efficient containers for the shelves is